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Произведем любое ограждения по вашему чертежу
магнитные замки ограждают от посторонних

Product Description


The issue of fencing industrial enterprises is relevant for owners of factories, power facilities, warehousing and logistics centers, strategically important, as well as other industrial facilities and public facilities. As a rule, the territory of industrial and infrastructure facilities includes several buildings and premises on its territory. A competently designed and installed fence helps to distribute and identify work areas, improve the safety of personnel and, most importantly, prevent unauthorized entry into the territory by people and animals.

If you are also convinced of the need to protect the territory and ensure the efficient use of all facilities in the territory, then you will be interested in the professional design, manufacture and installation of fences by OLAND.



The fencing of industrial and infrastructure facilities requires, first of all, the use of durable quality materials and the development of the most effective structural solutions.


Industrial fencing of OLAND company complies with the most strictest operational requirements and good with the protection of sites of any purpose, and at blocking the view (if required), unauthorized dangerous entrance at the territory. We offer the following types of temporary and wall fencing:

  • Fences of industrial enterprises in metal mesh execution: for enterprises and open facilities, where pedestrians and motor vehicles are actively moved, food industry facilities, important infrastructure facilities (water towers, boilers, etc.) for areas dangerous for open transportation ( Motorways, airfields, etc.), to protect private property.

• Powered up modular security fences – serve to protect hazardous work areas at the workplace. They come up with a light indication of the closed perimeter and also locks with electronic and mechanical control. They prevent accidental entry of service personnel to hazardous areas when crossing a laser beam or authorized opening of a gate, “Ostanov” the relevant equipment.

All fences are produced as stationary, removable or rotary.




The fences of industrial enterprises are made in metal net. They not only perform a protective function, but also bring out aesthetic look . Their main advantages are:

  • durability of operation;
  • good security and anti-vandal functions;
  • high light and permeability to air;
  • variety of colors;
  • high degree of protection from all weather influences;
  • easy and quick installation;
  • no need for special tools and equipment;
  • a fence of any configuration can be assembled in almost any terrain.

Metal mesh modules are constructions of steel wire, which has high strength and a high degree of resistance to atmospheric moisture and seasonal temperature fluctuations. The modular structure is assembled of steel vertical rods jointed with horizontally placed rods.

Welded sections and metal fence posts for weather protection are coated with a special polyester coating or protected by powder spraying. Simple installation allows you to assembly a fence in a short time, regardless of the size and type of the enclosed area.

Industrial metal fences come up with sections, posts, and all necessary fastening hardware for installation.


                     Fences of “Kronospan” enterprise


Our special fences will cope with the performance of any task. Cooperating with such a contractor as OLAND, you get a number of advantages:

  1. 100% compliance with technical norms and requirements of national standards in the design and installation of fences.
  2. Accurate examination of the features of the object and the development of an optimal solution.
  3. Quick and high quality installation.
  4. Use of reliable, durable materials and coating for fences.
  5. Always affordable, reasonable prices for services.

If you are not sure what type of fence to choose, call us right now and get a professional advice from specialists.

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