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Our company is one of the largest enterprises of the country that specialises in producing tanks and containers as well as metals structures.

A powerful production base and the availability of modern technical equipment make it possible to arrange the production of ground and underground tanks of any complexity and scale for the professional storage of petroleum products, dangerous liquid mixtures, water supplies, bulk materials (sand, cement, etc.), substances used in the food industry (grain, soy, etc.). In connection with this, the field of the use of structures also expands. Our tanks are implemented in all branches of industry, including agriculture and fuel branch.
We use advanced metal processing technologies and certified materials, ensuring quality, efficiency and individual way in carrying out technical tasks.



We offer a comprehensive approach to the implementation of technical solutions, which makes cooperation profitable for the customer. We offer reliable, high-quality products:

RGS tanks with a volume of up to 500 m3, both single-walled and double-walled, single-section and multi-section, for storing various types of liquids and bulk mixtures.• Special tanks for fuel oil and dangerous substances of various types.• Cylindrical tanks of RVS (vertical type) with volume up to 30 thousand m3.• LNG tanks for gas (liquefied).• Underground storage tanks for liquefied gases, combustible materials, etc.• Tanks with conical and elliptical bottoms.• Production of pipelines for transporting the environment, individual modules, repair kits and components: drainage systems, flange connections, plugs, etc.

The production of tanks and containers by our enterprise is carried out both for personal orders and for standard projects. At the same time, technical solutions must comply with environmental, fire safety, sanitary standards and GOST.





All the structural elements of the manufactured tanks are produced by using the imported equipment for large-scale roll-up. The walls and the bottom of the tanks are metal sheets welded out of individual sheets, what makes it possible to produce a cast sealed construction with a sheet thickness  up to 1.8 cm. This technology ensures the safety of the products during transportation and the increased durability of the finished steel structures.

Welding process is carried out by the automated technological equipment, certificated with system NAKS. Ready-made solutions undergo multistage quality control, including ultrasonic equipment. Thus, it is possible to implement the most complex and demanding projects.



During production, all technical requirements and norms are examined, in accordance with the design documentation and KMD drawings. 100% accuracy of production of geometrical parameters is compulsorily checked, what makes it possible to carry out easy installation and obtain the required operational characteristicsThe company seriously carries out the production of the order for the supply of steel structures, and takes into account the basic requirements for the specification of materials, the timing of the project, the nuances of transportation and installation, the final batch weight and estimates.The rolled metal complies with the standards of GOST, KM drawings, which is certified by the input control at the enterprise. The company’s  shop conducts mechanical tests of rolled metal by using special equipment, carrying out tensile testing, strength to mechanical shocks, impact bends. Material processing is performed by equipment that provides permissible deviations from the design sheet.

The company offers quality guarantees for 100% of the elements of ground tanks, as well as full compliance with the design and technological documentation prepared in prior and agreed with the client, which are confirmed by GOST and Technical standards.




Methods of tank protection and conservation are coordinated with the customer in the process of drawing up project documentation. Our company performs complex anticorrosive service of the main elements of the tanks of RGSN, RVS, underground tanks and the preservation of flange connections, covers and other elements in accordance with GOST.Packaging of manufactured metal structures is the responsibility of the product and guarantees complete safety of the structures, both during storage and during transportation and installation. Various packaging options are provided: in rolls, containers and packages (with mandatory devices for slinging).

We also provide mechanical protection of surfaces, edges of welded elements, which  ensure the safety of geometric shapes of products and the integrity of the joints where welding is provided. Variants of storage tanks are specified in the project documentation and are obliged to be executed by the customer. Thus, it is inadmissible to store the tanks in unsuitable conditions, in contact with the open ground, under the influence of weather conditions.



The order for the production of tanks and containers in our company is a guarantee of obtaining technical solutions that comply with all norms and GOST; the most precise fulfillment of the project tasks. All metal structures and tanks are accompanied with a guarantee of reliability and durability have a factory marking (indication of operational characteristics, number designations and order date), fully comply with the installation diagram.
Our products are provided with official documentation, including, the KMD drawings, copies of quality certificates of construction materials, test results, wiring diagram, packing list. Working with us, you choose a leader that can help you in achieving your result!

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