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Product Description


Silo is one of the most important infrastructure facilities of modern production, allowing to achieve high efficiency of storage of bulk mixtures, reaching  impressive economy of areas. The scope of such silos covers almost the entire process of storage of bulk materials, from short-term overload of rail, navigable and motor vehicles, to long-term storage of grain, cement and other materials. Due to this, similar metal tanks are widely used in construction, mining, chemical production, agriculture, etc.



The use of modern production technologies by the technical department of our company allows customers to get long-term storage and maintain optimum quality of bulk mixtures.

Silo sets of various sizes are manufactured by the following types: 1. Whole-welded storage facilities, 100% ready for use immediately after installation on the foundation.

  1. Silos are made of stainless steel sheet can be assembled directly at the customer’s site.
  2. Metal silos of a rolled welded assembly.
  3. Silos with bolted fastening of prefabricated / demountable type. The production of silos complies the customer’s requirements. So, it is possible to design and sell silos with a diameter of up to 27 meters and a capacity of more than 10 thousand tons.




More often silos are made in the form of a cylindrical vertical container with a conical bottom for a simplified discharge of materials (grain, cement, mixed fodder, other non-food bulk materials). A typical complete sets of silos include:


  • The main bearing elements: a container made of stainless steel with a casing, reinforced durable ribs, supports, a steady base.
  • Equipment for maintenance of the installation: manholes, handrails, railings, stairs.
  • Devices for loading / unloading materials.
  • Additional temperature control equipment and other key storage specifications.


It is also possible to install additional equipment to the expanded configuration, including cement filters, ventilation, control unit, pressure outlet valve, etc.


When manufacturing silos, our company prefers to focus on the quality of materials, the thoughtfulness of the design and the latest assembly techniques. Those customers who prefer to buy silos and accessories get the following advantages:

• Accurate design of silos, depending on required durability specifications and calculated wind and snow loads.• High level of protection.•  Only high-quality galvanized steel is used with a coating of up to 5 mm according to the requirements of construction norms.• Ability to manufacture large capacity bins for both outdoor installation and indoor installation.• Good equipment even for typical projects.• Reasonable price which can quickly be paid off by more efficient and long-term storage of materials without risk of damage.

  • Professional installation of silos using a full range of equipment.

The technology of silo production by OLAND has proven itself in years of successful operation in Russia and abroad. We have a complete technical base with cutting, rolling, welding, bending modern equipment that allows us to comply with the requirements of SSP and get certification.Call our specialists right now and find out about the timing and cost of manufacturing silos for your company. Choose a reliable contractor!

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