Working in the field of industrial engineering since 2006, our company focused mainly on construction of complexes of the enterprises of chemical and forest-chemical industry.

The construction of any industrial buildings, ranging from small warehouse of finished products and ending production complex of the plant for the production of particleboard/MDF with accumulated experience, qualified personnel and advanced technologies is a core part of the company.


Customer demands for the construction of industrial buildings and structures are largely similar

  • the efficiency of the project (the optimal cost of 1 sq. m of a building or structure);
  • the quality and reliability of construction;
  • maintainability, the possibility of strengthening, replacement and disposal of structures;
  • the high pace of construction of the building, regardless of season and weather conditions;
  • the construction of the building for a specific technology, taking into account the location of the equipment, and lifting mechanisms, technological schemes and business processes;
  • for the same industry standardized similar;
  • architectural and planning solutions (grid columns, dimensions and cross-section designs);
  • the ability to perform the technological requirements for large spans, heights of buildings, location of overhead travelling cranes large lifting capacity.

Production capacity and extensive experience allow our company to offer its customers the most effective solutions that meet all the listed requirements, as well as the specific characteristics of each project.


Benefits as a contractor in the field of steel construction

  • high-quality products of factory manufacturing;
  • years of experience and specialized enterprises, technology-oriented production of metal structures;
  • the ability to manufacture large quantities of products in a short time;
  • the possibility to produce structures of any complexity and size;
  • effective monitoring that ensures compliance with design and normative documentation;
  • the design approach to work on object.


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