OLAND LLC offers professional metalworking and cutting of metal shapes, sheets and cast metal using a variety of technologies, such as plasma cutting, shearing and others. The capacity of the enterprise allows to meet the customer’s high requirements and produce base metal and metal end products within a short time. Using metal cutting, folding and welding, OLAND offers:
• Turnkey production of metal structure parts.
• Pattern cutting of metal according to provided drawings.
• Creation of metal products based on our own documentation.

What we focus on in our work is efficiency and cost effectiveness of the technologies capable of quick performance of their designated tasks.


Metal cutting with a plasma torch is an efficient technology. The process relies on the tool that generates a superheated electrical channel (the temperature reaching 25 thousand degrees C), which is directed at the surface of the metal product along the designated trajectory. The plasma technology offers a number of advantages:
– It does not require special welding pools like the laser and oxy-fuel technologies do.
– The cutting can be done with the precision up to 0.25 mm. The end product can have an unusual shape, as opposed to manual cutting where only the direct trajectory is possible for any kind of work.
– No restrictions of metal thickness.
– High metalworking speed.
OLAND offers plasma cutting of carbon and stainless steel, copper-base alloys. To reduce the metalworking expenses, part of the cutting can be done with shears.


Our enterprise offers semifinished and end products of various shapes and intended use in various areas. For instance, we offer bending of metal with special industrial tools for production of roll-formed sections, brackets, ducts, decorative and protective housing and other products.
Metal bending is an inexpensive technology for production of metal structures of a certain type with minimal reject rate.

One of the key areas of the company’s work is welding of hardware: pipelines, principals, individual components of metal structures. Professional welding tools enable us to make the process of production of all-welded metal structures and individual products much shorter.


Thus, OLAND carries out the entire metalworking, providing the necessary physical and technical characteristics of the products. Careful quality control at the production site allows us to guarantee compliance with GOST and the customer’s requirements.

To order plasma cutting, bending and welding of metals, call or email our managers (see our contact). The cost of our services will correspond to the scope of your project and is always affordable.

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